Specializing in Beautiful and Rare Gemstones!

We Bring Fine Gems and Specimens From All Over the World

Specializing in Beautiful and Rare Gemstones!

We Provide Fine Gems and Specimens From All Over the World

Beija Flor Wholesale: Fine and Rare Gemstones and Exquisite Jewelry

Beija-flor Gems
Maui Gems or Beija-flor Gems has been in the business of supplying customers with the finest and best value in colored gemstones from all over the world for more than 30 years. Our start was in Brazil, where we source:
Alexandrite, Emerald, Aquamarine, Tourmaline
And where we happened to be when the beautiful and extremely rare...

Paraiba Tourmaline

Made it's first appearance on the market.

We were amazed and enamored by this stone and became heavily involved in bringing this stone to the public.

Beija-flor means "hummingbird" in the Portuguese language of Brazil and is also the name of the premier Samba Club in Rio with which we had ties. But Brazil is by no means the only locale that we search in our endeavor to always have something special.

Our 30 years spent in Colorado helped put us in contact with the incredible gem...

Paraiba Tourmaline 1.13ct cushion  Brazil
ParaibaTourmaline1 copy

Rhodochrosite from the Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado which has closed to mining.

Gem Rhodochrosite emerald cut 7.45ct

Colorado Rhodochrosite

After buying and selling many fine gems of this material over the years, we ended up buying ALL of the cutting rough and will be producing faceted stones by the World’s best cutters as well as cabochons, polished rhombohedrons, and even a broad range of rhodo specimens.

We will have available for purchase facet and cabachon stones and jewelry designed by Patricia Van Wagoner.

We also feature Red Emerald/Red Beryl from Utah, Cobalt Spinel from Vietnam, The Amazing Jedi Spinel from Burma, and Puruvian Blue Opal.

From time to time, we will be adding new designs and materials so please, bookmark this site and check back on our progress. We're sure that you will find something to fall in love with.

Of course, we can’t feature everything on this site, so if there is something you’d like that you don’t see, email us or call (808) 573-4845, but be aware of the time difference. Hawaii is 2 hours behind California in winter and 3 hours in summer.


Jepara Pallasite is crystalized with “bubbles” of gem Peridot (olivine) dispersed within the original nickel iron matrix that has converted to Magnetite over it’s many millions of years in our oxygen rich atmosphere.

It was discovered in Java in 2008. It has probably been on Earth 600 to 700 million years.

Titan Metiscloseuphands (1)

TITAN METIS Jepara Pallisite face

Only about 1% of all meteorites found are of the Pallasite classification with their combination of metal and precious stone. They originally come from the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Faceted Peridot1

Faceted Peridot from Jepara Pallasite Meteorite
Seymchan Pallasite was discovered in the Madagan region of Russia in 1967. Its Peridot is surrounded by coarse octahedral nickel iron that has not yet oxidized. It is considered a very stable and rust resistant pallasite.

The Muonionalusta Meteorite was first discovered in 1906 in Norrbotten, Kiruna, Sweden at coordinates 67°48’N,23°6’E.
It has been on Earth through 4 Ice Ages, 800 thousand to over 1 million years.

Formed during the “Big Bang,” it is much older than any rocks native to our Planet Earth.
The Muonionalusta Meteorite exhibits the fascinating Widmanstätten Pattern.

Specializing in:

Red Emerald, Wha Wha Mountains, Utah

Red Emerald


Colorado Rhodochrosite


Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil

Cobalt Spinel 1.07ct  Vietnam

Cobalt Spinel


Jedi Spinel

rs=w_1440,h_1440 (1)

Blue Opal

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