Beija Flor Wholesale: Stunning Gemstones


Rhodochrosite and Pariaba Tourmaline Pendant set in 22K Gold.


At, we have calibrated sizes from 3mm rounds and princess up to 9x7 ovals and emerald cuts.


BK57 6.25 ct 9 x 12 REC

Gem Rhodochrosite emerald cut 7.45ct
Colorado Rhodochrosite Egg
Concord Pocket. 45 gm 30x40mm

Rhodochrosite is a manganese carbonate mineral. In its (rare) pure form, it is a rose-red color.


2.77 ct tril with 43 ct Natural Rhomb

The Incas believed that rhodochrosite was the blood of their former rulers, turned to stone, therefore it is sometimes called "Rosa del Inca" or "Inca Rose."

Rhodochrosite is the official state mineral of Colorado, one of the only places on Earth where the large, red crystals are found.


From the Alma, Colorado Sweet Home Mine


Paraiba Tourmaline 1.13ct cushion  Brazil
Pair Paraiba Tourmaline ovals .79ctw 2p 6x4
Pair Brazil Paraiba Slices

Red Emerald

1.08ct Red Emerald
Red Emerald, Wha Wha Mountains, Utah
rs=w_1440,h_1440 (12)
rs=w_1440,h_1440 (13)
3mm Natural Red Beryl Rounds

Cobalt Spinel

Cobalt Spinel 1.07ct  Vietnam
Cobalt Spinel melee
2,5x3.5 Cobalt Spinel
1.07ct Cobalt Spinel Vietnam
Cobalt Spinel, Vietnam

Jedi Spinel

Natural Jedi Spinel Crystals Man Sin Burma
3mm round Jedi Spinels
Mahenge Spinel
Jedi Spinel Man Sin, Burma
Jedi Spinel Man Sin, Burma

Blue Puruvian Opal

Peruvian Blue Opal pair of pears
Gem Peruvian Blue Opal emerald cut
rs=w_1440,h_1440 (7)