Beija Flor Wholesale: Quality Products for You

Robert and Patricia Van Wagoner have been captured by the gem and jewelry business since 1983. Patricia is an award winning jewelry designer, and Robert is in the trenches as a gem dealer bringing rare, fine, and phenomenal colored gemstones to the international market.

They both learned early in their experience that they’d rather deal with exceptionally eye catching and rare colors that one can see from across the room, and stay away from anything that could be considered common or mundane. Examples of this philosophy are: “electric” Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil; the molten lava look of Colorado Rhodochrosite; the super bright pinkish red Jedi Spinel from Burma; the phenomenal bright blue Cobalt Spinels from Vietnam and Tanzania; beautiful turquoise blue Peruvian Blue Opal, and very rare Red Emerald/Red Beryl from the Wah Wah Mountains of Southwestern Utah. Although these stones are their specialty, they aren’t by any means the only stones they deal with. They also have Blue Sapphires from Sri Lanka, Burma, and Montana, beautiful Pink Sapphires from Burma, Madagascar and Sri Lanka, incredibly bright orange Spessartite Garnets, and many more.

The Meteorite Dial Watches are made in Germany with Swiss movements and mostly Swedish, Muonionalusta Meteorite Dials, or Jepara Pallasite dials. The watchmaker has retired so once these are gone, they are gone. The watches have 4.57 Billion years of Cosmic energy. The dials are about three hundred million years older than the Earth itself.

Email your requirements for gems, specimens or finished jewelry. Feel free to call, but remember it will be 6 (in Summer) or 5 (in winter) hours earlier here in Hawaii than Eastern time.